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Supply Lists

*Masks are required and face shields are optional and encouraged


6th Grade Supply List


Please be aware this year students will not be allowed to borrow or share supplies. These supplies will be needed whether they are learning virtually or in person.

· Backpack (with a computer sleeve built-in if possible)

· Computer sleeve if backpack doesn’t have one

· Headphones

· Large pack of pencils (48 or more) can be mechanical if extra lead is purchased

· Colored pencils

· Personal pencil sharpener

· Erasers (pencil top or larger)

· 1 black sharpie

· 1- 4 pack of dry erase markers

· Pencil pouch to hold supplies

· 5- folders with pockets (brads not necessary, different colors if possible)

· 1 spiral notebook with pockets

· 1 pack of notebook paper

· Personal hand sanitizer

· 2 boxes of Kleenex

· 1 container of sanitizing wipes (if you can find them)

· TI-30XS MultiView Scientific Calculator



7th Grade Supply List


1” or 2” 3- ring binder (only 1 needed)

1 pack dividers (6 - 10)

5 subject spiral notebook

Glue sticks

Pencils and erasers (enough to last the entire school year)

Personal pencil sharpener

Large pencil pouch for binder

Loose-leaf lined paper

Dry erase markers 

Colored pencils

Highlighters (any color)

Headphones or earbuds

Personal bottle of hand sanitizer

TI 30 personal calculator

Water bottle with closed top/lid (optional)

**No locks or locker supplies will be needed as students will not be issued a locker this year.



Paper towels

Hand Sanitizer


Cleaning wipes 

We could also use electric pencil sharpeners for each classroom.




8th Grade Supply List:


Personal Supplies

1" or 2 " Binder 

1 pack of 6 dividers 

3 packs of Filler Paper

1 pack of 4 multicolor highlighters

1 pencil pouch or 1 pencil box 

1 pack of erasers 

1 clear ruler (6" or 12")

1 pack of colored pencils (Twistables preferred) 

1 Personal Pencil Sharpener

Personal Hand Sanitizer 

Personal Tissues packs

1 TI30 calculator (TI84 for Algebra students)

1 set of earbuds


Classroom Supplies 

3 Clorox wipes 

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

3 boxes of tissues