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Cell Phone and Personal Devices Policy



  • Knox County Board Of Education Policy for Cell Phones (PCDs)
    • Students may possess PCDs while on school property. The devices may be used before and after school. At all other times the PCD must be in the off mode. The principal or the principal’s designee may grant a student permission to use a PCD during class time for a specific academic purpose or at other times for other purposes that the principal deems appropriate.
  • 1st Violation – Teacher Warning and/or Confiscation
  • 2nd Violation – Teacher Detention - notice in writing at least 1 day in advance and/or Confiscation
  • 3rd Violation – Office Referral - Office Detention and/or Confiscation
  • 4th Violation – Office Referral – ISR and/or Confiscation
  • 5th Violation – Office Referral - ISR, device confiscated for parent pick-up, loss of PCD on campus


**  Students should only have PCD for instructional use or other educationally defined reason.  **