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2021-2022 School Information


2021-2022 FAQ Update 2

2021-2022 School Procedure Information 


The Morning Attendance Policy

  1. Students who are not seated in their 1st Period Class by 8:30 am and who do not have an excuse written by a doctor (dentist/orthodontist) or other medical professionals will be considered Tardy-unexcused.
  2. If a student is Tardy-unexcused more than 3 times during a quarter (defined as a 9 week grading period) they will be assigned a silent lunch for each subsequent tardy (starting at tardy 4).
  3. A student’s number of unexcused tardies will reset each quarter.
  4. If a student collects more than 12 total tardies, they will be removed from school  incentive activities (example: Field Trips, Dances, Celebrations etc.)


KCS Dress Code Policy

Dress Code - KCS Policy J-260


Tutoring Information

FMS Tutoring Schedule (November )

FMS Tutoring Schedule (December)

FMS Tutoring Schedule (March)

FMS Tutoring Schedule (April)

FMS Tutoring Schedule (May)


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