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Performances of Alladin Jr.! 
The staff and students are working incredibly hard. 
In- School Performances (students only unless told otherwise):
Tickets are $5 - Students cannot have had OSS or RLC from 1/24/24 until the day of the performance in order to attend.
8th Grade: February 29th
7th Grade: February 29th
6th Grade: March 1st
Tickets are on sale in the morning and during 6th Grade lunch until 2/27
After School Show Performances
Friday, March 1st at 7pm
Saturday, March 2nd at 7pm
Sunday, March 3rd at 3pm
Tickets will go on sale at the front of the school for 1hr & 30min before show time.
Tickets can be bought right now online buy scanning the QR code or clicking here.
Students must exhibit appropriate behavior and grades to attend the in-school performances 2/29 for 7th and 8th Grade, 3/1 for 6th Grade.
Aladdin Jr Flyer

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