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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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A Guide to Microsoft Teams - Fabric     Move to SolarWinds Archives | Page 2 of 11 | SolarWinds Service Desk

Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide for Students                                    For Help with Aspen contact the KCS Help Desk.


BMS Help Desk CanvasOB

Having trouble with your BMS password?                                        Want to be an Observer on your child's Canvas account?



Child Nutrition / Breakfast and Lunch Menus.          65 Chromebook tips for maximum productivity | Computerworld

What's on the menu at BMS for lunch?                                                     For OPTIMAL Chromebook performance, follow these directions.




 CH .                     KCS Covid19 FAQ

Chromebook How To's                                                                                               KCS Student Quarantine/FAQ Document                                                                       

 Tech Help .      CB Help

If BMS goes to Red Status, ALL BMS students become Virtual Students and may call                                          Click here for a series of troubleshooting steps.

this help line.