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Meal Distribution Information

The district's last day for emergency meal distribution will be Wednesday, May 20. Thank you to all the nutrition workers, teachers, administrators and security officers who helped make this program so successful!

Knox County CAC will continue distributing meals on Mondays and Wednesdays, May 27-June 30, from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Locations are listed below:

  • Cal Johnson Rec Center, 507 Hall of Fame Drive
  • Cecil Webb Rec Center, 923 Baker Avenue
  • Christenberry Rec Center, 931 Oglewood Avenue
  • *Cumberland Estates Rec Center, 4529 Silverhill Drive
  • Deane Hill Rec Center, 7414 Deane Hill Drive
  • EV Davidson Rec Center, 3124 Wilson Avenue
  • Inskip Recreation Center, 301 West Inskip Drive
  • Larry Cox Center, 3109 Ocoee Trail
  • *Lonsdale Rec Center, 2700 Gloria Garner Street
  • Milton Roberts Rec Center, 5900 Asheville Highway
  • Montgomery Village Baptist Center, 4601 Joe Lewis Road
  • North Ridge Head Start, 1008 Breda Drive
  • Richard Leake Rec Center, 3511 Alice Bell Road
  • Skatetown Rink, 5713 North Broadway
  • South Knoxville Community Center, 522 Maryville Pike
  • Transformation Church, 340 Park Village Road
  • *Victor Ashe Park, 4901 Bradshaw Road

 *Denotes locations closest to West Haven