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How do I register my child at Pleasant Ridge Elementary?
·      Kindergarten: children must be five (5) years of age by August 15, 2020, in order to be eligible for kindergarten.  
·      1st grade: To be eligible for 1st grade, children must be six (6) years of age by September 30 and must have completed a year of accredited kindergarten.
·      To register your child as a student at Pleasant Ridge Elementary, visit the school’s main office between 8:OO a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please bring the following things with you:
1. A copy of the student’s certified birth certificate.
2. The student’s Tennessee Department of Health Immunization certificate (i.e. shot record to be completed and signed by the child’s physician or county health department.). Visit the Knox County Schools’ Immunization page to read more about the immunization requirements.
3. Proof that the student has had a physical within 30 days of enrolling.
5. Verified proof of residence in Pleasant Ridge Elementary school zone (i.e. A copy of any utility bill or lease agreement with the parent/guardian’s name on it, notarized statement from person family is living with in school zone along with that person's proof of residence.)