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Spring Semester FAQ
Is Now Available

Knox County Schools will continue to offer two learning options in the semester that begins on Jan. 5, 2020. Students can utilize in-person, on-campus instruction with additional safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, or they can utilize our virtual learning program.
If families are happy with their current learning model, they don’t need to do anything. However, families that want to switch their learning model – from virtual to in-person instruction, or from in-person to virtual – must do so between Oct. 26 and Nov. 6.
More specifically, the deadline to change instruction models will be 3:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 6. Families will be able to make this change using an online form that will be sent by email on Oct. 26 or by completing a printed form that will be available at each school.
A Spanish-language version of the Spring enrollment FAQ is available here:
Will my student work with the same teacher if they switch learning models in the spring?
Our goal is to minimize disruptions to teacher and student schedules for the spring semester. However, due to the expected number of student transitions there is no guarantee that a student will have the same teacher they had during the fall semester. We will ensure every student has a certified teacher and try to keep disruptions to a minimum.
Will my student be able to keep their current schedule if they switch learning models?
Every effort will be made to ensure that schools offer the same courses, but the expected number of student transitions means there is no guarantee a student’s schedule will be exactly the same in the spring semester. This is largely due to the staffing and scheduling challenges faced by individual schools as they seek to provide necessary courses for both virtual and in-person students.
If my student switches to virtual instruction, will their work be done using live video classes on Teams (synchronous) or using pre-recorded videos that can be watched any time (asynchronous)?
Virtual instruction in Knox County is a blend of both synchronous and asynchronous delivery. Instructional delivery is based largely on the age of the student. Elementary instruction is mostly synchronous with periods of independent practice and breaks worked in throughout the day. Middle and high schools offer a blend of instructional models but are often more reliant on asynchronous delivery, with students completing tasks on their own schedule, including check-ins or virtual office hours provided by the teacher of record. To be clear, no KCS students are in front of a screen for a full 7½ hours a day.
Will masks be required for in-person instruction during the spring semester?
Yes, students and staff will be expected to wear face coverings.
Will the quarantine procedures change during the spring semester, for students who test positive for COVID-19 or for students who are potentially exposed?
KCS will continue to follow the guidance of the Knox County Health Department as it relates to quarantine procedures.
Will there be any other changes to the health and safety procedures for in-person instruction during the spring semester?
We do not anticipate any changes.