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KES Campus Traffic Pattern

Our new traffic pattern for our campus must be followed at all times, not just when school is open.  The traffic pattern is ONE -WAY from the point of entry on the west side and around the back of the Annex building.  If you go the wrong way behind the Annex, you are likely going to have a head on collision.  We must follow the traffic pattern at all times.  Also, the double lanes of traffic begins at the point that you turn onto our campus, NOT in front of the houses leading to the campus.   Traffic is two-way in front of those houses and you must stay in the right lane until you reach the campus.   Thank you!
PLEASE follow the directions.  All Personally Owned Vehicles (POV) will enter the campus from the west entrance and ALL traffic exits the campus on the east.  It is suggested that if you are not turning right onto Oak Ridge Highway, you should turn left out of our campus and go to the light at Ingles to proceed to Oak Ridge Highway.