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Student Device Insurance

KCS is offering Student Device Insurance for $20 per student!

  • There is no paperwork to turn in for insurance. The only thing needed for coverage is payment on School Cash Online.
  • Due on or before September 30, 2023
  • Payment is Non-Refundable
    • Payment can be made online or mailed downtown.
      • KCS Device Insurance, PO Box 314, Knoxville, TN 37901
      • Please include the sID of the student in the memo line.
    • Payment will not be accepted at school locations.
    • Online payment can be made in up to four installments of $5 each, making it easier on those with multiple students. Each payment regardless of the number (1-4) will be drafted on the 1st of each month (August - November).
  • There is no waiver this year for Free and Reduced.
  • Chargers are NOT covered under insurance and will be billed at $20 for a replacement. 
  • Lost or Missing devices are not covered by the insurance.
  • Students will be billed for any intentional damage, including damage occurring from sticker damage regardless of insurance coverage. 

Here are some examples (but not limited to) of intentional damage:

  • Water bottle squeezed onto Chromebook.
  • Chromebook is thrown in anger.
  • Keyboard keys are picked off with no bubble/nib/rubber cap remaining.
  • Chromebook is used as target practice.
  • Chromebook is covered in stickers or decals without a case.
  • Markers, paint, glue, or crayon is used on any part of the Chromebook.
  • Crackers are ground into the keyboard.

Create a School Cash Online Account (pdf)

Insurance Information - Spanish (pdf)

Create a School Cash Online Account - Spanish (pdf)

Link to SCO for payment.