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Innovative Leaders Institute

We are proud to announce that Green Magnet Academy, represented by Jessica Holman and Jessica Schaefer Ruiz, has been invited to be a part of the 2017-2018 Innovative Leaders Institute.  The institute provides participants opportunities to network with other building-level leaders from across Tennessee, visit innovative schools to examine different models of STEM integration, and share best practices and resources with the expectation of having an immediate impact on leader practice.

The Institute is designed to:

– Develop concepts of innovative leadership practices
– Enhance capacities to promote best practices across the curriculum
– Develop strategies to promote staff effectiveness and improve teaching and learning environments
– Prepare leaders with the procedures and policies to promote success

The Institute is led by experienced principals from Tennessee, who were selected because they have demonstrated positive impact on their schools through student performance, teacher retention, and creating and supporting an academically challenging learning environment for students.