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Coupon Book

Coupon Book


Help us hit our coupon book goal of 4,000 books sold!   

Thursday, September 24th, officially starts our Knox County Schools Coupon campaign for this year!

Our theme this year is “Stronger Together”.  We need your support! 

Our goals are to continue to purchase supporting materials for instruction, including apps and online programs such as iXL, Kami, Nearpod, Discovery Ed, Generation Genius, Reading A-Z and to help keep our facilities updated.  We are also trying to provide additional devices for staff and students to support in-person and virtual learning and replace outdated devices and projectors.  The coupon book campaign is our main source for funding this effort! We are doing MANY extra things at our school for our boys and girls due to your financial support. We need your help with these important projects!!


Coupon Books will be on sale from September 24 through October 22.


Steps to take:

  1. Look over this information packet.
  2. Take orders from your family and friends for the coupon books.
  3. Collect the $10.00 donations for each coupon book. Please have all checks made payable to Farragut Intermediate and place them in the attached envelope.  Now you can pay for the coupon books online just like you did for school fees.  Click here to go to online payments. This is for both in-person and virtual.
  4. Send the orders and checks or money to school with your child. We will make every effort to fill your order the same day or the next morning after the money is received.
  5. Please DO NOT let your child sell books door to door without an adult present.


For every book sold, 80% or $8.00 will stay right here in our school!   The other $2.00 goes toward several other important areas including: contribution to schools with high numbers of students living in poverty, a subscription to the online Encyclopedia Britannica for all Knox County Schools’ libraries, career awareness, printing of the books, and administrative and incentive expenses.


The Knox County Schools Coupon Book has too many great deals to list. Using just a few of the coupons at just some of the generous vendors will more than pay for the book! Costing only $10, the book has literally thousands of dollars of savings! Beware of imposters! Only the ORIGINAL KNOX COUNTY SCHOOLS COUPON BOOK supports our school!


Farragut Intermediate Prizes

Class Prizes

When your child’s class has sold a class total of:

50 Books – The class will receive Blow Pops and a Hat Day.

Meet your class goal of an average of 5 coupons books sold per student – $150 to spend for your classroom.

PLUS – For every 5 books a student sells, they will get one spin on the virtual prize wheel.  You could win a gift card or a cool prize!


Top Sellers

The top 3 sellers in each grade level will get to participate in the FIS “Money Grab” and will receive a Chick-fil-A gift card.


Top Selling Classroom

The top-selling classroom in the whole school (most books sold) will win a $1500 voucher for purchasing classroom materials.


If we meet our school’s goal of selling 4,000 total coupon books, our school will participate in a “dress-up” day later in October.

 See KCS prizes attached.


All money is due by 3:00 on Oct. 22_to be eligible for prizes.

 Take orders and collect money for your Coupon Books today.  Special drawings and prizes will be awarded throughout the campaign.


Let’s go Farragut Intermediate Admirals!!!