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Season 2016

Last sesson

Congrats to Essence Alexander and Kelly Fox for qualifying for Sectional AAA

PR records for year 2016



Essence Alexander

Shotput  31.80   South Knoxville Classic 16th  

Jalyn Beatty

100M 14.25   Gibbs Home Meet # 3 6th  
200M 31.80   South Knoxville Classic 16th

Tanika Dail

long jump 7-4.75   Halls HS Home Meet 16th
100M 14.27   Gibbs Home Meet # 3 7th
200M 31.37   Gibbs Home Meet # 3 10th

Kelly Fox  

800M   2:36.73   Dale Legg Invitational 6th  
3200M   13:06.62   K I L Championships 8th

rhiannon lucus

High Jump 4-0   South Knoxville Classic 5th Final
800M 3:19.72   Karns Home Meet #2 17th Finals

Kamyrn Riddle

100M 14.74   Gibbs Home Meet # 3 15th Finals

Dasani Spears

200M 31.77   Halls HS Home Meet 19th Finals
400M 1:12.34   Wildcat Relays 4th Finals

chynna douglas

Long Jump 9-1   Halls HS Home Meet 14th
100M 14.29   Halls HS Home Meet 12th
200M 30.79           K I L Championships 22nd

janae fine

Long Jump 7-11.75   Halls HS Home Meet 15th
100M 14.35   Gibbs Home Meet # 3 9th

malaysia taylor

100M 14.98   Gibbs Home Meet # 3 17th
200M 31.67   Gibbs Home Meet # 3 13th
400M 1:16.29   Dale Legg Invitational 9th

harleigh waddell

High Jump 4-2   K I L Championships 7th
300M hurdles 1:01.27   Halls HS Home Meet 13th
800M 2:51.73   Dale Legg Invitational 11th

Menwou Cargoe

Long Jump 17-5   Wildcat Relays 14th
100M 11.84   Halls HS Home Meet 8th
200M 24.17   Gibbs Home Meet # 3 5th

Tyler Chandler

Discus 90-11   Dale Legg Invitational 13th
Shot Put 32-0   South Knoxville Classic 13th
300M hurdles 1:00.11   South Knoxville Classic 5th
800M 2:30.65   Halls HS Home Meet 15th

Myron Delaney

100M 12.83   Karns Home Meet #2 24th
400M 56.50   Halls HS Home Meet 6th

Trafton Garner

100M 11.95   Gibbs Home Meet # 3 5th
200M 24.16   Gibbs Home Meet # 3 4th
300M hurdles 47.97   Halls HS Home Meet 4th

Rondrow Peebles

100M 12.38   Halls HS Home Meet 17th
200M 25.30   Halls HS Home Meet 8th

Justin Rodgers-Hines

Discus 72-1   K I L Championships 25th
Shot Put 33-5   K I L Championships 19th

Nathan Rupeka

High Jump 4-8   Gibbs Home Meet # 3 6th

Javier West

Shot Put 36-6   Halls HS Home Meet 5th
110m hurdles 19.73   South Knoxville Classic 3rd

maurice chunn

110M hurdles 20.95   Halls HS Home Meet 4th
300M hurdles 52.83   Dale Legg Invitational 7th

alex redland

100M 11.57   Halls HS Home Meet 4th
200M 25.42   Halls HS Home Meet 9th