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Senior Information


Monday, May 16th–Last day of synchronous class for SENIORS


Tuesday, May 17th–Senior Finals (1st & 2nd Blocks)

These will be asynchronous.  Check your class’s Canvas page for instructions


Wednesday, May 18th–Senior Finals (3rd & 4th Blocks) 

These will be asynchronous.  Check your class’s Canvas page for instructions.


Thursday, May 19th–Virtual Awards Ceremony

Virtual Awards Ceremony:  There will be a virtual Awards Ceremony held on Thursday, May 19th at 1:30. Please check your email for the Teams Link to access the awards ceremony.


Friday, May 20th–Material Collection

Material Collection 9AM - 2 PM at Karns Middle School:  Bring:  chrome book, charger, textbooks

Instructions: Drive to awning (you can park there), follow the signs to KCS Virtual Material Collection in Library

*Cords/stoles for honors will be distributed

*Yearbooks not shipped to home will be distributed.  There are a few available for purchase here


Graduation Day–Saturday, May 21st

**Tip:  Get your gown out of the bag and hang it up on a hanger ASAP.  It should get most of the wrinkles out.  You can steam/iron them following the instructions here 


Location:  Central High School Football Field 

School Address:  5321 Jacksboro Pike, Knoxville, TN 37918 

Parking is at the school and you will walk down to the football field.

Accessible Handicapped parking is available.  See picture below.


Time: Graduation starts promptly at 6:00 PM

Graduates need to arrive no later than 5:30 PM

When you arrive, graduates go to softball fieldhouse (to the left of the stadium) and 

find KCS Virtual staff for more instructions

Please make sure to allow enough time for traffic!  There is another graduation 

right before ours.


Dress: Dress, skirt, or dress pants/slacks.  If it shows below the gown, it needs to be a dark 

or neutral color.  

Heels are PROHIBITED on the turf field.

Guys generally wear a collared shirt, ties are optional.

Caps should not be decorated

*Cords/stoles for honors (loaners and early graduates) will be distributed AT 



Bring: Cap (write your name in it if you plan to toss it at the end of the ceremony), gown, 

tassel, any school material that you haven’t returned yet

Following the ceremony:

  • Diplomas can be picked up BY GRADUATES ONLY on the track immediately following the ceremony.  Family and friends will NOT be allowed on the track or field after the ceremony.  
  • Students are welcome to donate their cap and gown for future graduates



Instructions for graduates:

  1. Arrive fully dressed and meet at the softball fieldhouse to the left of the stadium.  There will be KCS Virtual staff to direct you
  1. Line up in alphabetical order.  KCS Staff will distribute your name card.  DO NOT LOSE IT!!
  2. Processional:  We will walk in a single file line to the stadium.  Mrs. Ballard is the line leader.  You will walk on the track in front of the stands to the gate at the 50 yard line, go onto the field walking down the 50 yard line to the first row of chairs and Mrs. Ballard will direct you to a side. *Leave the end chair empty for a teacher 
  1. Ceremony:
  1. Presentation of Candidates / Diplomas (where you walk across the stage!!!):  The teacher on the end is your guide.  When they direct, EVERYONE (both sides of the aisle) on Row 1 will stand, walk straight across the row, to the teacher on the left.  The teacher will guide you to which yard line to walk down to the ramp.  The teacher at the ramp will let you know when you can go on the ramp (3 students).  When you’re up, hand your card to the teacher at the podium, say your name for them.  Once they say your name, walk across the stage, shake the Principals hand with your RIGHT hand, grab your diploma cover with your left hand (we’ll practice at the softball fieldhouse before), shake anyone else’s hand (that’s standing there), and walk down the ramp.  The teacher at the end of the ramp will tell you which yard line to walk down.  Get to your row (there will be a teacher there too), walk down your row to your seat.  STAY STANDING until everyone in your row is back and your row teacher instructs everyone to sit down at once.  Once Row 1 is half finished, the teachers on Row 2 will tell them to walk.  Follow the above process

Key:  Green lines–path of graduates; T–teacher; P–principal

  1. Parting comments by Principal Hatfield
  2. Follow Principal Hatfield’s instructions.  She’ll say stand up, move your tassels, and present you as graduates (this is when you can throw your cap if you want to).  If you can easily find your cap, pick it up before recessional.  If not, staff will collect them and have them at the diploma table on the track.
  3. Recessional:  Everyone will stand, teachers will form a tunnel.  Mrs. Ballard will be the line leader again. Rows will exit following the diagram.  Walk down the 50 yard line, through the gate, and DIRECTLY to the table with diplomas.