1. Email setup for ANDROID mobile phones
    2. Step 1:Make sure your device is connected to a data network via cell phone service or other wireless connection type.
    3. Step 2:On your device, go to Menu > Settings.
    4. Step 3:At the bottom of the Settings screen, tap Accounts and sync.
    5. Step 4:At the bottom of the Accounts and sync screen, tap Add account
    6. Step 5:On the Add account screen, tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
    7. Step 6:On the setup screens, enter the information below. Tap Next to move to the next screen. 
    Field   EnterNotes
    Emailyour email address
    Password   Active Directory password
    Your email password and Active Directory password are the same.
    Domain\User name \joe.user@knoxschools.org 
    This is your email address with a back slash (\) in front
    Use secure connection (SSL)check-android or SSLCheck to enable Use secure connection (SSL) or forSecurity Type, choose SSL
    Exchange serveroutlook.office365.com 
    Accept all SSL certificateserror-checkPlease leave Accept all SSL certificates blank if presented with this option. 

    Your device will attempt to locate the Exchange server. In the Remote security administration window, tap OK. On the following screens, you can configure several optional settings. Tap Next to move to the final screen and complete the configuration process. 

    Email checking frequencyPush (Automatic)or Every x minutesIf using Automatic or Push, email will be delivered to your device as it comes to your Exchange account and will use more battery power. Choosing an option like Every 15 minutes will help preserve battery. You can choose to have your email delivered in real time during Peak schedule (e.g., business hours( and every x minutes during Off-peak schedule.  
    Period to synch email, calendarE.g., 2 weeksSpecify how many past weeks’ worth of email to be automatically delivered to your device. You can also choose to synch your calendar, contacts, and reminders. 
    Email retrieval sizeE.g., 50KIndicate the maximum email size that will automatically be delivered to your device without having to download the message.