• KCS At Home Device Deployment for SDHS Students

    Laptop deployment was held on Friday, April 3rd, from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM (2 hrs) during meal distribution. 


    To speed up the process and make it lightning fast, while protecting everyone involved, please complete the following steps:


    1. To get a laptop you must have signed up ahead of time on the South-Doyle Needs sheet on the website. This allows us to organize your device tomorrow to speed up the process. If you do not sign up, it will take much, much longer.

    2. Print and complete the Technology Device Agreement. Takes 30 seconds and will be one less thing to do and safer for parents who would want to avoid sharing ink pens. We have emailed one to you or you can print one from the web-site.

    3. When you enter campus, follow the guidance of our officer and volunteers who will line up the cars, first-come, first-served. All will remain in their cars until time to be served and then everyone will pull forward.

    4. Once you get to your turn in line, a volunteer will tell you to exit the car to enter the gate area between Building A and Building B (very close). 1 parent and 1 student will drop off the signed paperwork and pick up a device.

    5. The child receiving the device will log in to their new device. If they don't know their password someone will be available to do a reset.

    6. Once we have the signed document and the student logs in. You are finished. Very fast.

    7. If you are also doing meal pickup, do it after device deployment. The sequence will put you in the right place and will be super-fast. A free breakfast and lunch will be provided for each school-age child in the vehicle.


    Note: We can not do repairs on computers at this time, but will swap it for a Chromebook. A replacement charger may be available for a swap, but we have very limited supply. Otherwise we will swap your laptop for a Chromebook.


    Following this protocol gets everyone in and out quickly and minimizes everyone’s risk of exposure. This is a one last opportunity to put a device in the hands of our kids for their learning opportunities.


    Download the Technology Agreement Form Here.  This form will be provided when arriving to pick up a device as well.