5th Grade Lesson Resources

  • Please note that the best way to access Second Step lesson resources is to go to www.secondstep.org and enter this activation code: SSP4 FAMI LY74. This gives you access to the lesson Home Links, as well as helpful videos and activities to do with your kids that reinforce what they're learning during guidance lessons with Ms. Cheri.

    These activities do say Grade 4 on them, but please note that they are also fully appropriate for use in Grade 5.

    Unit 1: Empathy & Skills for Learning
    Poster: English | Spanish

    Crossword Puzzle: English Only

    Lesson 1: Understanding Different Perspectives
    Home Link: English | Spanish

    Lesson 2: Conversation and Compliments
    Home Link: English | Spanish

    Lesson 3: Joining In
    Home Link: English | Spanish

    Lesson 4: Showing Compassion
    Home Link: English | Spanish

    Lesson 5: Attendance
    Attendance Policy: English | Spanish


    Unit 2: Personal Safety
    Lesson 6: Protect Yourself Rules
    Important Information: Erin's Law

    Lesson 7: Safe/Unsafe Secrets
    Parent Letter: English Only