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  • We want to take this opportunity to extend a welcome to you as we begin another year at North Knox Career and Technical Education Center at Halls High School. At North Knox, you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the general education classroom to hands-on, real-world careers.  Your teachers are all artisans of industry and will teach you new skills, allowing you to utilize industry specific technology.  You will even have the opportunity to engage in work-based learning and earn credit towards post-secondary degrees and/or certifications.  All of this while still supporting your academic growth and goals.



    The ACT will be given to most Juniors on Tuesday, March 21st
    We will be testing down the social studies hallway and in to the Kimball/Polston flat tops.  
    We will not have a 3rd block that day, and will extend 1st and 2nd blocks:
    1st Block:  8:30-10:20
    Break:  10:20-10:30
    2nd Block: 10:30-12:22
    4th and 5th block and lunches will run on Late Start Wed. schedule.
    Some important things to remember that day:
    • There will be no bells or intercom that morning.  Please dismiss students by the above schedule.
    • Math Department needs to help steer students away from using the stairwells to the social studies hallway during class changes.  Also please be mindful not to excessively move desks around upstairs.  From experience, I know it can get pretty noisy in the SS classrooms.
    • Students coming to the main building from North Knox will need to use the Business Hallway entrance.  The SS entrance will be locked.
    • Students in the Social Studies Hallway will need to go to 1st lunch to allow for us more time to wrap up testing.  Please let your students know that ahead of time.
    • Any non-testing students who are assigned to one of the proctor's classroom's will need to report to the library during that block.

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