• Gresham Middle School Recognition Program (Gladiator Access Card)


    As part of a school wide campaign to improve students’ attendance, grades and behavior, we recognize students each 4(½) and 9 weeks at both the team and/or grade level. Students gain access to recognition activities or certificates when meeting the specific goals.


    The following outlines the recognition activities each 4(½) weeks:


    Criteria: perfect attendance

    Recognition/Access: students will have social time with peers in designated areas-dates TBD each cycle



    Criteria: no ISS, OSS, silent lunch, in-team, or off-team

    Recognition/Access: morning motivator activities

             6th  morning motivator activities each Monday

             7th  morning motivator activities each Wednesday

             8th  morning motivator activities each Friday



    Criteria: all A’s, B’s and C’s in all classes including Related Arts

    Recognition/Access: courtyard seating during lunch

    6th, 7th and 8th courtyard lunch each Tuesday


    3 Criteria Met

    Criteria: 3 criteria (attendance, grades, behavior) must be met

    Recognition/Access: free seating during lunch

    6th, 7th, and 8th free seating during lunch each Thursday


    Recognition events work in-conjunction with our PBIS structure (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Kind).  To gain access to any in school/after school activity (including dances and basketball games), students must present their Gladiator Access Card and pay an admission fee if applicable. Certain activities may require a parent permission form signed and presented when purchasing admission ticket.


    Access cards must be marked for the appropriate area recognized and students must present cards before gaining admission to the corresponding activity. Students must keep up with their card and show it when they choose to participate in any recognition activity. Electronic versions of the Gladiator Assess Card will not be accepted. This supports our new cell phone policy.


    If a student loses the card, they will not receive another card during the same recognition period. Keeping up with the access card is a student responsibility and central to our efforts of recognizing responsible behavior. However, new cards will be issued each new 4 ½ and 9 week cycle. 


    Recognition cycles can be viewed through the parent newsletter or morning announcements.