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    Middle school is a time of big adjustments, especially for our 6th graders.  They are accustomed to a maximum of three teachers and are now faced with as many as seven teachers in one day.  One of the biggest struggles for all middle schoolers, and for the parents of these sweet babes, is ORGANIZATION.  As parents we want to know what students are doing day to day, and we also want to know what homework they have, if any.  Organization is a skill that students start to develop in middle school and will continue to rely on even more so in high school.  It's important that we, the staff, and you, the parents, start our young scholars off with good organizational habits.  Here are some tips to make middle school life a little easier.  

     1.  Buy or create some type of student planner for your child.  Here are some links to digital options that you could print each week at home.  You could buy a folder with brads and make your own year long planner.  

    Weekly Organization Chart w/iPad Usage

    Weekly Homework Sheet

    Student Planner

     2.  Set aside an agreed upon place and time each night for homework.  If the students says they don't have homework, make them at least sit down and recap the day for you, maybe using one of the planners above for reference.  

     3.  Being a 1:1 school, our students are blessed with a personal iPad that they may use throughout the year.  Technology is tricky; it can be a fabulous thing, but it can also be a distraction.  Ask to see your child's iPad at least once a week.  Check his or her browser history.  See what it is that he or she is looking at, working on, etc.

     4.  For planning purposes, here is the Knox County 2019-2020 Calendar.