Staffulty of the Month

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    Each month, teachers are nominated by their colleagues for the following awards:

    Bringin' the Heat

    Given to the teacher who continually brings rigor and creativity to the classroom, is always improving, and is never scared to try new ideas

    The Giver

    Given to the teacher who is making a difference for that one child by going above & beyond

    Full of Energy

    Given to the teacher who is upbeat, has a positive attitude, and is active in school fucntions. They are visible in the hallways and at events

    Tireless Worker (Certified & Classified)

    Given to the employee (both certified and classified) who is always putting in 100% effort without complaint

    Killin' It

    Given to the teacher who is doing it all--Bringing the heat, being the giver, is full of energy, and works tirelessly

  • December Winenrs:

    Bringin' the Heat: Ms. Courtney Fuson

    The Giver: Mrs. Julie Liford

    Full of Energy: Mrs. Candi Buffington

    Tireless Worker (Certified): Coach Will Roberts

    Tireless Worker (Classified): Mrs. Jennifer King

    Killin' It: Mrs. Kate Atkins

    November Winners:

    Bringin' the Heat: Mrs. Kim Shipley

    The Giver: Mrs. Lindsay Kennedy

    Full of Energy: Mrs. Rachel Kimmell

    Tireless Worker (Certified): Mrs. Beth Mooney/Mrs. Liz White

    Killin' It: Ms. Jennifer Doubleday

    October Winners:

    Bringin' the Heat: Mrs. Felicia Southerland

    The Giver: Ms. Paegan Turner

    Full of Energy: Ms. Andrea Pasillas

    Tireless Worker (Certified): Coach Micaiah Smoker

    Tireless Worker (Classified): Mrs. Cassidy Taylor

    Killin' It: Mrs. Susan Martin

    September Winners:

    Bringin' the Heat: Mrs. Angela Pressley

    The Giver: Mrs. Emily Garcia

    Full of Energy: Mrs. Alice Carson

    Tireless Worker (Certified): Coach Rusty Smith

    Tireless Worker (Classified): Mrs. Missi Cinnamon-Young

    Killin' It: Mr. Michael Herndon

    August Winners:

    Bringin' the Heat: Mrs. Raven Raby

    The Giver: Mrs. Valeta Norris

    Full of Energy: Coach Scott Clark

    Killin' It: Mrs. Beth Mooney