• deanna Hi, my name is Deanna Gnage, LMSW.  I am a certified School Social Worker and a Licensed Social Worker, which means that I am a credentialed mental health therapist.  As a School Social Worker, I go into each classroom weekly and teach safety skills (Talking About Touching curriculum) and social skills.  I also offer individual and group therapy to a small number of students.  At this developmental age, it is most appropriate to conduct play therapy, which allows a child to work through his/her issues while in the process of play.  When working with children in a group, I am usually teaching a specific skill (i.e. anger management, being assertive or kind).  Please also use me as a resource for: 
    • Attendance:  Did your car break down, did your work schedule change, or is your child giving you a hard time getting up in the morning?  Please let me know so that we can problem solve together.
    • Backpack Program:  Could your child use some extra food for over the weekend?
    • PTA Clothing Center:   Could your child use some clothes, both new & used?  I have vouchers.
    • Scottish Rite:  Does your child need a pair of shoes?  I have vouchers for this also.
    • Resources & Referrals:  I have lists/brochures for agencies that provide any need you might have.  
    • Advocacy & home visits:  If you need someone to attend an IEP meeting or advocate for your child because of a concern you have, please give me a call.  I'll also be glad to meet with you at your home if it is more convenient.


    I am only at Sam E. Hill Preschool on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays but I can be reached on my cell phone on the other week days.  My phone number is:  (865) 257-5826.   I love to talk and work with parents so please seek me out any time you have a problem or need.  We love your children and want to do everything within our power to make your child's first educational experience fun and meaningful!