• One of our Partners in Education, ValuTeachers, sponsors our attendance incentive program.  We are very thankful for this partnership and that they value our students' education!  They believe, as we do, that in order for our students to be successful, they need to be in school every day that they can.
    We know that it is hard to get your student to school and on time every day, so we would love to encourage you.  If your student was here EVERY DAY this year, they received a prize purchased by ValuTeachers.
    Defining Perfect Attendance: Perfect attendance means that they are here AND on time every day.  Prizes will be given to students with no absences or tardies and we will give students with faithful attendance (no absences and no more than 2 tardies/early dismissals) prizes as they are available. Prizes will not be awarded to students with more than two tardies and/or early dismissals. 
    2019-2020 Program: Students will be given a flyer at the end of every 9 weeks if they have perfect attendance. They cut off the bottom portion and turn it in to the bucket in the front office for a chance to win one of two bicycles that will be given away at the end of the year!