New Student Orientation Information

  • We are so excited that you've decided to join our school!  Please make sure that you return the form from the transfer office indicating your acceptance.  Students should review the Course Catalog listed below prior to orientation night (Spring) and have an idea in mind which elective to select.  Students can see a quick guide to electives by reviewing the "Elective Focus Area Course List" located below.  At STEM, we ask that our students take ownership of their learning experience, beginning with the registration process for high school.  Students are expected to engage and participate in selecting their classes--that might mean that students, not parents, are asking questions and seeking out information.         
    Much thought and care is required to ensure that students are placed in the correct level of coursework.  As such, we ask that our new students take their New Student Placement Exam to ensure that they are placed in the correct level of coursework.  We recognize that in order to create holonomous individuals, that is, students who are achieving at their highest levels while simultaneously contributing their best to the group, we must place students in a position that is challenging enough for them to be curious and inspired to learn, and not overwhelmed or bored.  Carpe scientiam!    
    After receiving your Lottery Acceptance letter, please sign up below to attend one of the orientation meetings for new students and parents.  
    Incoming freshman will attend placement testing while families, sophomore, junior and senior students attend an orientation. When testing is complete, all students will complete registration paperwork to request classes for the 2018-19 school year. Please arrive on time, testing will begin promptly.

    Click here to register for : Monday, May 21, 6:00-8:30

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