• Parents,

    We are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide support to our students.  This year we have been holding Lunch & Learn sessions every blue day during lunch.  Lunch & Learn is an academic intervention that allows students time and a quiet space to complete assignments that are either overdue or they were not able to complete successfully the first time.  We also allow students to make-up or retake quizzes or tests at the teacher's discretion.  Teacher's assign students to Lunch & Learn via an online signup process, then students report to the Lunch & Learn room to check-in, grab their lunch from the cafeteria and begin working on missing assignments in the L&L room.  We've seen tremendous success with many of our students recovering many missing assignments and getting their grades back on track.  If you notice that your child is missing assignments or has a low grade, contact your child's teacher  or have your child ask their teacher if Lunch & Learn would be a good option for them.







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