(The following information was for 2019-2020, pre-COVID.)
    Information will be posted on our News and Announcements webpage as details are made available for 2021-2022.
    All students should enter the school from the bottom level when arriving before 8:30am.
    Arriving early, approximately 8:00, allows students time to eat breakfast, take care of business with other teachers, and take care of business with the office before announcements begin at 8:25am.
    Supervision is available, in the Commons, starting at 7:15 a.m.
    Seating is assigned by grade level.
    Students needing assistance, with where to sit, should check with the adult on duty.
    Students go to their grade level holding room.
    Signs are posted in hallways indicating which classes have holding rooms.
    Students may also ask any of their grade level teachers the location of holding rooms.
    Students go to their 1st Period Class.
    Students should be in their 1st period class before 8:25am to hear morning announcements. 
    Students not in class by 8:30 will need to report to the main office and will be counted as tardy.