• 2018 Laptop Deployment

    Tuesday August 7th
    Returning Students Only
    2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00
    Wednesday August 8th
    Freshmen and New students to SDHS
    3:00, 4:00, 5:00
    Thursday August 9th
    Any grade level
    4:00, 5:00
    Each time slot will allow 100 students.
    These are all on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please arrive early. 
    All reservations are closed. We are accepting walk-ins with the following first-come, first-served availability:
    Deployment Available Seats Restrictions
    Aug 7 2PM 0 FULL
    Aug 7 3PM 24 Returning Students Only
    Aug 7 4PM 63 Returning Students Only
    Aug 7 5PM 58 Returning Students Only
    Aug 7 6PM 31 Returning Students Only
    Aug 8 8AM 41 Returning Students Only
    Aug 8 9AM 42 Returning Students Only
    Aug 8 3PM 50 Freshmen and New Students
    Aug 8 4PM 86 Freshmen and New Students
    Aug 8 5PM 68 Freshmen and New Students
    Aug 9 4PM 98 Any Student
    Aug 9 5PM 94 Any Student
     Deployment Begins in the Auditorium Lobby

    How the Process will work:

    1. Both student AND parent check in at the Auditorium and receive paperwork. Short welcome and introduction by Mr. Berry.
    2. After introduction and welcome from Mr. Berry, parents and students will go to Main Campus cafeteria to receive Charger and Laptop.
    3. Students will setup their account in the Library.
    4. Parents will complete paperwork while students create account.
    5. Student device will be verified and checked off before they leave. Parents will confirm contact information before they leave.


    Q. I have a senior and a freshman. Can I come to the first deployment night?
    A. You may go through the process with the senior the first night, but the freshmen have a different deployment process. Those materials will not be available the first night. You may however bring both students for the second or third night. We will also do late deployments starting on August 21st. That process will be posted on the website.
    Q. When is the last day to sign up for fastpasses?
    A. Thursday August 5th - 8AM
    Q. If we did SDHS deployment last year do we have to come again?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Does the student have to have a parent at deployment?
    A. Yes. Students who do not have a parent at deployment will not receive a device at deployment. Both student and parent must be present at deployment in order to receive a device at deployment.
    Q. The deployment nights don't work for me. Can I just come anytime I want?
    A. We will have a morning deployment on Wednesday August 8th at 8AM and 9AM. This deployment will take much longer due to the fact we will have far less staff available. We encourage you to come to one of the regular deployment nights since the process will take approximately 45 minutes. We will offer late deployment options starting August 21st. Those details will be posted here after regular deployment is completed.
    Q. If I didn't sign up for a reservation can I just come anyway?
    A. Each deployment time will allow 100 students. If not all 100 slots are reserved for fastpass then we will allow walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis until we reach 100 students. Based on our facilities and staffing we do not want to go above this number so we maintain the ability minimize the time each student will be in line for deployment.
    Q. I can't stay forever at deployment. How can I get this completed faster?
    Definitely sign up for a reservation. This guarantees your spot at your chosen time. We will also have your paperwork waiting for you in the auditorium so you can begin filling it out. Walk-ins will have to get their paperwork at a later stage.
    Q. The last deployment time on Tuesday August 7th says it starts at 6:00 PM. What if come at 6:15 or 6:30 or 7:00 instead?
    A. We will gladly help you reserve a time that works for you on Wednesday or Thursday or one of our late deployment options starting August 21st.
    Any other questions?
    Email: michael.carter@knoxschools.org