Mrs. Cynthia Hutchens



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Cynthia Hutchens





Course Sequence:  Fundamentals of Construction, Electrical Systems and/or Plumbing Systems, Construction Practicum


The Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Systems program of study prepares students to install, service, and maintain building equipment.  Course content is arranged around progressive courses that provide students with the opportunity to understand the principles behind mechanical, electrical, & plumbing systems, to apply basic installation skills, and to safely use and maintain appropriate tools, equipment, and resources to accomplish project goals.  In the Electrical Systems and Plumbing Systems classes, students have the option to specialize in a particular craft and earn an industry credential specific to the craft.  Students will develop diagnostic and problem solving skills to troubleshoot procedures when solving a maintenance problem in buildings and to plan and practice preventative maintenance activities to service existing buildings.  Industry specific business concepts and skills such as cost estimating, scheduling practices, and project management are included throughout the program of study. 



  • an ability to work with fine measurements
  • a liking for working with their hands
  • steady nerves and a great deal of patience; an aptitude for precision work
  • mechanical aptitude and mathematical ability
  • good color vision in order to identify electrical wires by color
  • good problem-solving skills and good working habits
  • inventiveness, self-reliance, dependable, reliable
  • an ability to adapt easily to new surroundings
  • an ability to work without close supervision
  • an ability to work at heights on scaffolding and in small spaces
  • an ability to move or carry heavy loads
  • an ability to read and understand the essential information from technical manuals
  • an ability to communicate with customers
  • knowledge of computers and software to create blueprints and plan layouts



Industry Certifications

NCCER Core Curriculum, NCCER Electrical Level One, NCCER Plumbing Level One

General Maintenance & Repair Workers ($35,740)

Sheet Metal Workers ($37,390)



Apprenticeship training is available in electrical and plumbing areas.



Building Construction Technology, Electrical Construction, Electrical Equipment Repair, Plumbing and Pipefitting

First-line supervisors of mechanics, installers, and repairers ($55,550)



Electrical Engineering Technology, Electrical Technology

Electrical and electronics engineering technicians ($53,320)

Mechanical Engineering technicians ($51,770)



Construction Management, Construction Science, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering

Construction Managers ($76,040)

Cost Estimators ($55,330)

Mechanical engineers ($82,210)

Electrical engineers ($85,803)