Mr. Pete Tampas



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Pete Tampas



Course Sequence:  Principles of Law, Corrections, and Security; Criminal Justice I, Criminal Justice II, Criminal Justice III: Investigation


Law Enforcement Services prepares students for a range of careers in law enforcement, crime scene analysis, forensic science, public safety, and criminal justice.  Course content emphasizes procedures and laws governing the application of justice in the United States, from constitutional rights to crisis scenario management to the elements of criminal investigations.  Upon completion of this program of study, students will be equipped with strong knowledge and skill preparation for postsecondary or career opportunities in many law-enforcement and justice-related fields.



  • a sense of responsibility
  • honesty, sound judgment, and integrity
  • staying constantly alert and ready to deal with threatening situations
  • an ability to work with all kinds of people
  • an ability to work independently
  • an ability to perform duties in accordance with laws and departmental rules
  • good communication skills
  • an eye for detail and a logical mind
  • honesty and good judgment
  • courage and competitiveness
  • stamina and agility
  • a liking for serving the public
  • an interest in human behavior
  • intellectual curiosity and creativity
  • an ability to think logically and methodically
  • an analytical mind


Correctional Officers and Jailers ($23,450)


Law Enforcement Certification, Homeland Security

Patrol Officer ($41,085)


A.A.S. Criminal Justice, A.A.S. Law Enforcement, A.A.S. Homeland Security

Criminal Justice Teacher ($49,870)


B.S. Criminal Justice, B.S. Sociology with Criminal Justice Concentration, B.S. Criminal Justice with Homeland Security Concentration, B.S. Forensic Science

Police Detectives ($73,713)