Slip of the Pen literary and arts magazine

  • Welcome to Slip of the Pen!
    Slip of the Pen is HVA's literary and arts magazine.  All students are invited to submit their original work for consideration in the magazine.  We accept submissions from August to February, then choose the works that best fit this year's theme for inclusion in the magazine, which is printed and sold in April.
    What kind of work do we accept?
       short fiction
       short nonfiction
       graphic art
  • Apply for the Lit Mag class!
    Would you like to be a part of the lit mag class?  Fill out the application below and either email it to Mrs. Harris at or give it to her in person in D204 or the BLPA workroom D213.

This Year's Theme

  • Reflections

    We are now accepting all submissions for writing and art for inclusion in this year's magazine.  To increase your chances of having your work selected, please focus on the theme of reflections.  It can be a literal reflection or a figurative reflectiion.  Reflect on your life, your self, the past, or the world around you  Explore these ideas through your writing and art, and then send your work to us! 

How to Send in Submissions

  • There are several ways to get your amazing work to us!
    • Email it to us at
    • Give it to Mrs. Harris
    • Give it to any Slip of the Pen staff member

Lit Mag Adviser

  • Allison Harris
    English and Journalism teacher 

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