• The Top 5 Reasons the MS Alternative Program Rocks!
    These are just a few of the ways we at Ridgedale are able to connect with our students and help them grow.
    5. Individual Attention
    Ridgedale has the one of the best student-to-teacher ratios in Knox County, insuring that we can get to know each if our students and give them the individual attention they need.
    4. Extra Gym Time
    Our students who show great behavior earn a little extra gym time. It’s just one of the many positive rewards we have at Ridgedale!
    3. High Standards
    When students go back to their base schools, they are up-to-date on all of their coursework.
    2. Dale dollars
    Wanna earn rewards at Ridgedale? All you gotta do is be positive!
    1. We Love Our Students!
    Seriously, every staff member at Ridgedale works at here because it’s their school of choice. Given our resumes and qualifications, most of us would have little trouble finding jobs at most other schools. We work at Ridgedale because we know that every student in the building has the potential to go back to their base school fortified with the positivity Ridgedale School is all about.