• International Club
     China  Colombia  Guatemala  Iraq  Nigeria  Mexico   Philippines  Uzbekistan   USA  Syria
  • The Bearden Middle School International Club celebrates the home countries that are represented throughout our student body and our students from those countries. All students are welcome to attend. 
    Club Objectives:
      To meet students from different countries
      To learn about those countries
      To appreciate other countries and cultures
      To eat foods from other countries
      To play games and interact with each other
      To have fun
  • Club Sponsors
    Mr. Meidl (bill.meidl@knoxschools.org)
    Mr. Cannington (jimmy.cannington@knoxschools.org) 
    Ms. Haniford (megan.haniford@knoxschools.org)
    The club will meet twice per month in room 108. Meeting dates will be announced on BNN, and the specific dates will be entered on this page when school begins. 
    You must arrange your own transportation home from the meetings which will end at 4:45.
    If you would like more information about the International Club, please feel free to contact any of the club sponsors.
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