Community Service Plan


    Summary:  This plan provides instructions and procedures for promoting, coordinating, and tracking community service events for South-Doyle High School.


    Applicability.  The plan is applicable to all South-Doyle High School activities, groups, teams, and clubs that conduct community service events.


    Suggested Improvements.  The proponent agency for this plan is the Community Service Council.  This is a student-led council, comprised of members of various groups that conduct community service events.



    I.  Community Service Council (CSC)

    South-Doyle’s Agent for Community Service & Volunteerism!


    Mission:  To provide a venue for clubs, teams, organizations, and individuals at South-Doyle High School to enrich community involvement through community service and service learning projects.



    The South-Doyle Community Service Council (CSC) serves as a unique resource for collaborative community-based planning and action to coordinate the volunteer spirit of South-Doyle High School organizations and students.   The CSC is a trusted neutral convener, bringing South-Doyle clubs, organizations, teams and individuals together to focus on community service and volunteer opportunities.


    Functions include community research and planning, supporting community partnerships, developing and coordinating services, and linking people with needed services.  Activities include maintaining a centralized database of community service and service learning accomplishments and keep a school-wide calendar of planned events. 


    Council membership is voluntary and includes a representative from any group or organization that conducts community service events. Members are appointed for the entire school year.


    The council will meet monthly on the first Tuesday of each month during Advisory Time in the College and Career Center on Young Campus


    The council will select from their members a President, Vice-President, and Secretary. 


    The Council will report directly to the Principal.


    Faculty oversight will be shared by group advisors with members on the council.



    II.  Faculty advisors of organizations, clubs, activities, teams, that supervise community service events

    Plan, coordinate, and conduct community service events.


    Submit planned events to council for inclusion in school-wide calendar. 


    Keep a record of community service hours


    Monitor school-wide calendar for possible cooperative events





    Council Reports


    A monthly calendar of scheduled events will be provided to the Principal on the first Wednesday of each month.  The calendar will indicate the event and groups sponsoring the event. 


    At the end of each semester, the council will provide the principal with a summary of community service events. Included in the report will be a summary of total man hours.  (all groups combined)


    Coordinate with faculty advisors of the various groups and submit a report to the Principal when a student accumulates 100 hours of community service.






    Requests for Volunteer Support



    General requests for support from outside organizations can be submitted to the CSC.  The council will inform South-Doyle groups of the request and see if any group is interested in accepting responsibility for the event. 


    Faculty advisors are encouraged to consider cooperative service (combining multiple groups) when a request requires more support than any one group can provide).


    A copy of a request form will be available on the South-Doyle High School web site.


    Students interested in serving on the Community Service Council should contact a faculty advisor or attend a monthly meeting. Faculty advisors include Mrs. Aimee Perry (Aimee.Perry@knoxschools.org),  Mrs. Leah Fisher (Leah.Fisher@knoxschools.org), Ms. Hannah Wood (Hannah.Wood@knoxschools.org), or LTC Bill Woodcock (William.woodcock@knoxschools.org).