• Gresham Middle School Gladiator Athletics 
    If you have any general questions or suggestions regarding GMS sports, contact Glen Price (glen.price@knoxschools.org) or Tenisha Marchbanks

    Gresham Middle School Sponsored Athletics:

    Fall/Winter Sports:

    Boys Basketball: Contact Coach Joel Sampsel (joel.sampsel@knoxschools.org)

    Girls Basketball: Contact Coach Kiley Gray (kiley.gray@knoxschools.org)

    Gresham Cheer: Contact Mrs. Jamie Lynch (jamie.lynch@knoxschools.org)

    Gresham Dance: Contact Mrs. Nicole Resmondo (nicole.resmondo@knoxschools.org)

    Spring Sports

    Gresham Track/Field: Contact Mrs. Nicole Leatherwood (nicole.kajitani@knoxschools.org), Mr. Christopher Barkley (christopher.barkley@knoxschools.org)

    Community Sports Announcements:
    Gresham Softball Team:  Contact Jeff Mize at mizerj@cdmsmith.com for information.  This is a Fall Sport. 
    Gresham Boys' Soccer:   Contact Sean Blair @ 865-719-9743 via text for information.  This is a Spring sport. 
    Gresham Golf Team:  This is a sport that takes place in Spring.  We are currently looking for a parent sponsor for this sport. Contact Tenisha Marchbanks tenisha.marchbanks@knoxschools.org
    Gresham Swim Team: Angie Jones is the contact for GMS Swim.  Her email is angie.jones@knoxschools.org  
    Gresham Baseball Team:  Zach Helton is the contact for this sport.  His e-mail is zachhelton@sequoyahgroup.com 
    Gresham Girls' Soccer:    Glen Price is the contact for girl's soccer.  His e-mail is glen.price@knoxschools.org
    Gresham Middle Cross-Country Team -  Area Wide Program Run by Knoxville Youth Athletics
    (Bobby Glen is the contact.  His e-mail is bgruns@icloud.com)  
    Gresham Middle School Volleyball Team  - This volleyball team plays with the Emerald Youth Foundation program.  Contact for volleyball is Haley Phillips (haley.phillips@knoxschools.org)  The season takes place from August - October. 
    Gresham Tennis Team - If you have questions, contact Mrs. Ani Roma.  Her e-mail is ani.roma@knoxschools.org.