Kid's Place, INC.

  • Corryton Elementary School's Kids Place Coordinator is: Missy Bean
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    Kids Place, Inc. was established in 1993 and incorporated and received their non-profit status in 1995. In our 16 years of service we have grown from 1 program to 18 programs in Knox and Sevier Counties.  Our Success is due to our wonderful staff and our incredible budget, which allocates a high percentage of the funds back into programming.  The Kids Place, Inc. administrative staff oversees all the employees and all facets of the program’s operations.
    A typical day in After-school, children come to the cafeteria where they are served a nutritious snack, attendance is taken and children are permitted to talk with their friends using inside voices and unwind from their busy structured school day. Announcements are given for the special activities that will be offered for that afternoon. The cafeteria is typically set up with activity centers, art, building, pretend play, games and a quiet area for reading and homework. The gym or outdoors area is set up with gross motor activities, both organized games and free play. As children finish an activity they are permitted to choose another one. We encourage sportsmanship and guide children through problem solving. Grade restriction is implemented when necessary. 
    Before enrolling your child at our Kids Place program we encourage you to visit and observe the program in operation.  This will allow you to ask questions about what you see and feel comfortable with our style of care.  We will then go over necessary paperwork in a short parent orientation and answer any questions and work out a starting date together.  All paperwork will need to be completed before your child(ren) can begin daycare.  

    For more information Please read the Kids Place Handbook