Positively impacting student success by identifying student’s skills and talents, build employability skills and address any personal and social issues that might impede a student’s success in their CTE classes. 

    Work with students directly with career and personal development training. 

    Collaborate with instructors, academic counselors, Student Services staff, and other professional staff to provide a seamless integration of academic, career and technical and personal skills resources.

    Work closely with the academic counselors to maximize students’ academic achievement.  Assume standard counseling duties designated by the American School Counselor Association.

    Focus on assisting students in determining their area of interests and aptitudes, selecting a program that meets their career/occupational goals, and expanding their individual options.  Program development includes recruitment and retention strategies and providing articulation among the career and technical education site and local business and industry, institutions of higher learning, and the district feeder schools. Goals and objectives for community involvement also include parent and family collaboration to support and nurture students’ goals and improve the probability of successful completion of the program.

    Areas in the CTE Counselor’s Program of Work directly related to Counselors’ activities are:

    • Counseling Services
    • Program Accountability
    • Professional Development
    • Recruitment
    • Community Involvement
    • Dropout Prevention



    Julia Garren, LMFT

    School Counselor
    Byington Solway CTE Center
    2700 Byingto Solway Rd
    Knoxville, TN 37931
    (865) 693-3511 Main Office