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     School Counseling
    ****  Want some advice on how to talk to your child about the recent tragedy in Florida?.... check out this article!****
    As always, you are the expert on your kid.... so take what you will from any "advice" and apply it to
    what you think is best for YOUR child, knowing that each kid is unique in their needs.  
    Do you know want to know more aobut TNReady.... What is it?... What will the tests cover?... How are scores determined?...  What can you do to help your child?...  and MORE!
    Check out this online resource!
    If you have any concerns regarding your child's social, emotion, or academic growth please feel free to reach out to us (see our referral tab).  We also added a link to our lesson calendar so that you can see when your child's class will be having their counseling lessons.  We will do our best to keep this calendar up to date.  Be on the look-out for emails coming home that will share more about what we cover during our lessons.   We appreciate it when you take the time to talk to your child and reinforce what we have discussed during our lessons.   
    Career Day
    CAREER DAY for 5th grade is coming up!  It will be held the morning of Monday, December 11th.  We need your help to make it possible.  If you would like to volunteer as a speaker, please complete the following application.  
    * Speakers will be chosen based upon need and application date
  • Carol Slatas and Patricia Lutu-Mayes  


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