How Do I Get Homework When My Child Is Absent from School?

    • One day absence.  Your child needs to request his/her missed assignments from teachers upon returning to school.
    • Two or more days of school missed.  E-mail your child’s teachers requesting homework or call the school in the morning and we will make a request to the teachers.  Due to meetings taking place during teachers' plan time, it is reasonable to allow 24 hours to get assignments.  Your child's assignments will be in the main office.  Another option is to have a "study mate".  This is a fellow student in each class that you can call to get assignments.
    • Students have the same number of days to make-up work as they missed.  For instance, if your child has missed two days, he/she will have two days to make up the work.
    • Students may complete homework during the morning bus hall and/or during homeroom.
    • Suspensions.  If your child is suspended, he or she may pick up missed work when he/she returns to school.  He/she will have the same number of days as the suspension to make up work.
    • Attendance is crucial to your child's success at school.  Please make every attempt for your child to attend school.  If your child is contagious or running a fever, he/she needs to stay home.  Remember, if your child is absent and does not have a doctor’s note to excuse the absence, parents have "ten days of parent notes" per school year for sickness or family emergencies.