P.M. Traffic Flow Information

  • Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s),
    After analyzing the traffic flow in the afternoons, we have developed the following plan for school dismissal. All students being picked up by vehicles must be picked up in the car rider lanes as illustrated below. No student pick-up will be allowed on the bus lane side of the school or on Gray Hendrix Road. This is to best ensure safety and supervision for all students.
    Vehicles may enter the school from both Oak Ridge Highway and Gray Hendrix Road. Double lines will be formed for both the upper and lower pick-up areas. However, if entering from Gray Hendrix Road, vehicles will use the upper lines only. If entering from Oak Ridge Highway, vehicles will use the lower lines only.
    When pulling through the lines, we ask that you please pull all the way up to the next vehicle. This will allow for the maximum number of vehicles in line due to the limited amount of space we have available. We also ask that students only cross to get into vehicles at the designated crosswalks. There will be staff members located at these spots to assist with traffic.
    Your child’s safety remains a primary concern each and every day. We ask for your assistance in following the traffic plan below to better ensure a safe dismissal each afternoon. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding with this matter.
    Karns Middle School Administration


    PM Traffic Flow