• Texas Instrument Technology Reward Points Collection at FMS

    FMS is collecting the Texas Instrument Technology Reward Points to get calculators for the classroom.  We are most appreciative for anyone that can share their points.  This collection will be ongoing.  Thanks!


    There will be a collection container outside the office, or you could give the points to your math teacher.


    Suggested Calculators for Math: 

    Math:  TI-30XSMultiview

    PreAlgebra/8th: TI-30XS Multiview or TI-83/TI-84

    Algebra: TI-83/TI-84 or higher


    A TI 83 or higher will be able to be used throughout high school and college.  Please be sure to have your name on your calculator with a permanent marker or engraved.


    Thank you for your support of Farragut Middle School!


  • Online Textbooks

    Parents- Please be aware that many of the text books used by the students are also online. Many teachers have links to the online sites on their classroom pages.If you don't see a link, check with the teacher to see if that particular subject has online access. The online text books may require some sort of username and password. If they do, the students usually have that information.