• Hardin Valley School Bell
    History of the Hardin Valley Elementary School Bell
    The bell came from the old Hardin Valley school that was located about two miles west of here at the corner of Hardin Valley Road and Marietta Church Road. The old school was built in 1931 and during the 1940's, one old-timer remembers the bell was rung to call the little children in from the playground each day.
    On April 14, 1978, the old school burned down and the 175 students there were transferred to Solway and later Karns to attend school. The only things salvaged from the fire were the bell and the flagpole. The bell was stored for 22 years until the new school, our school, was built in 2000. The flagpole that had also been saved was given to the Fire Hall where it is still used.
    Andy Francis, PTA President, Hardin Valley School 1978
    Jim Stafford, Student of Hardin Valley School in the 1940's
    Special thanks to Barbara Mayfield, teacher at HVES for collecting the stories from these wonderful folks on August 12, 2011.