• Sunnyview Primary School Family Engagement Plan


    Challenging and Preparing Our Students

    Sunnyview Primary believes that a partnership must exist between our parents and our school.  We promote positive communication between the school and our students’ homes.  The school provides a variety of opportunities for parents to be involved in activities supporting our school and the students’ success.  We believe teachers have a responsibility to provide the needed framework for parents to nurture their child’s formal instruction at home.  We will provide materials that can successfully be used at home to reinforce the academic success of children.  It is our goal to provide an atmosphere where parents are able to express their views, actively assist in problem solving, and understand their roles as advocates.  Thank you for staying involved in your child’s education.  We look forward to a successful year.  If you have any questions, please contact the school. 


    Statement of Purpose

    The faculty of our school is committed to providing a quality education for all students and to recognize the essential role of parents and the value of their input.


    Goal 1:  School staff will use a variety of communication strategies to provide additional information to parents and to increase parental involvement in supporting classroom instruction. 

     ·      The school will distribute a monthly newsletter to parents that is developed with participation of the Parent Teacher Association, Principal, Staff, and Parent Volunteers.

    ·      Encourage parents to visit the Knox County Schools Family Engagement website http://engagement.knoxschools.org  (This website includes resources for families and the community.)

    ·      School and classroom websites provide pertinent school and classroom information. 

    ·      A PIN number is provided at the beginning of the school year for parents to access the interaction portion of the website.

    ·      Each teacher will send home student work.  Parents will be asked to sign the folder and send it back to school.

    ·      Teachers will routinely contact parents on an individual basis to communicate about their child’s progress.

    ·      The school will provide parents progress reports every four and a half weeks with information regarding their child’s academic progress. 

    ·      Teachers will send home weekly newsletters to communicate upcoming classroom and school events, as well as academic skills.

    ·      The school will use the student handbook, school web site, parent and community information board, and parent orientation meetings about the School-wide Title I Plan and how to get a copy upon request. 


    Goal 2:  The school will hold parent workshops, conferences, and activities throughout the year to increase parental involvement. 

    ·      These workshops will include parent-training sessions to help parents understand how to enhance their child’s education.  These provide an opportunity for parents and their child to experience the school environment in a positive and helpful manner with school staff assistance or encouragement. 

    ·      The school will hold an orientation at each grade level to inform them of programs, policies, and procedures. 

    ·      Teachers will hold parent conferences.  Parents will be given a summary of the student’s test scores and an explanation of the interventions teachers are using to assist the child in reaching achievement goals.


    Goal 3:  The school will provide information to parents about volunteer opportunities.

    ·      The school will inform and engage parents in a number of types of roles and activities to increase their involvement and support for student learning.

    ·      The school will provide a list of volunteer opportunities and solicit ideas for other types of volunteer efforts during orientation of parents.  Teacher will explain the requirements to parents and encourage them to become involved in the school.  Brief training sessions will provide parents and community members with the information they need to participate as school volunteers in order to put them at ease and make the experience pleasant and successful.  This orientation will include information about confidentiality.


    Goal 4:  The school has worked with parents to create a School – Parent – Student Compact. 

    ·      School staff and parents have developed a school-parent-student compact.  This compact outlines how parents, school staff, and students share responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state’s high academic standards.  All stakeholders will sign the compact.


    Goal 5:  The school will provide transitional support and activities from Sunnyview Primary School to Chilhowee Intermediate School.

     ·      The school will work with Chilhowee Intermediate School to help provide a smooth transition from one school to the next by raising parent awareness of procedures and related activities. Chilhowee will host a special orientation program for parents and students to help with the transition.  Parents and students will have the opportunity to meet the new teachers.

    ·      Teachers from both schools actively communicate to support a smooth transition for the students and parents.


    Goal 6:  The school will engage parents in an evaluation of parental involvement efforts.

    ·      The school will engage parents in evaluations of the workshops supported by Title I (Family and Community Engagement).  The Title I Committee will determine the effectiveness of the parental involvement plan and make changes if necessary.