History of Our School


    Adrian Burnett Cardinal Adrian Burnett Elementary School is located on Brown Gap Road in the Halls community of North Knox County. The school opened in the fall of 1976 and is named for Adrian Burnett, a community resident who served ten years on the Knox County Board of Education. Members of Mr. Burnett's family continue to contribute monetarily to the school and visit occasionally.  

    The school was built as a temporary structure to eliminate overcrowding at Brickey and Halls Elementary Schools. Over 350 students from Halls and about 150 students from Brickey were rezoned to attend the new school, which cost $1.5 million to build. The new facility provided 28 teaching stations plus a cafeteria, library, music room, and a large room to be used as an auditorium/gymnasium. Morton/Sweetser and Associates designed it as a modified open-space school. First and second grades had some self-contained classrooms, but third, fourth, and fifth grades were taught by two teams of two teachers. Between 1989 and 2001 four portable buildings were added, as well as a kitchen pantry and concession stand. One other portable building was added in 2007.
    There are currently 28 homerooms, 2 of which are located in portable buildings. Other rooms include Art, Library, Cafeteria, Clinic, Music, Playroom/Gym, Resource, CDC, Speech/Guidance, PAC and ELL. The 10.5 acre campus also includes three parking lots and two driveway entrances.