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    2018 National TSA Conference in Atlanta (June 2018)!

    2017-2018 TSA National Conference         2017-2018 TSA National Conference

    The final results for Bearden Middle:
    Challenging Technology Issues - 2nd Place - Chelsea and Presley
    Prepared Speech - 4th Place - Chelsea
    Chapter Team - 5th Place - Sophie, Maddie, Rachel, Chelsea, Max, and Sara
    Leadership Strategies - 6th Place - Maddie, Sara, and Sophie
    Tech Bowl - 8th Place - Max, Ayaz, and Alden
    Structural Engineering - National Semifinalist - Sara and Lauren


    Congratulations to Science Olympiad for placing 2nd at the state tournament for 2018!

    (They lost by one point to a homeschool, no 9th graders competed, and the homeschool was comprised of all 8th and 9th graders.)

    8th Graders:                                                                                                                                                

    Seth B: 2nd in Meteorology, 3rd in Anatomy, 3rd in Wright Stuff, 4th in Disease Detectives, 4th in Herpetology, and 5th in Ecology                                                                                                         

    Eva C: 3rd in Rocks & Minerals, 6th in Optics, 8th in Thermodynamics                                                                   

    Henry D: 1st in Towers, 2nd in Hovercraft, 2nd in Dynamic Planet                                                             

    Maggie D: 2nd in Microbe Mission, 3rd in Anatomy, 3rd in Potions & Poisons                                                           

    Gavin M: 3rd in Experimental Design, 3rd in Wright Stuff, 4th in Road Scholar, Participated in Roller Coaster                                                                                                                                                             

    Abby R: 2nd in Dynamic Planet, 11th in Crime Busters                                                                                     

    Ian S: 1st in Towers, 3rd in Rocks & Minerals, 4th in Herpetology, 5th in Ecology                                        

    Elizabeth S: 1st in Battery Buggy, 2nd in Microbe Mission, 3rd in Potions & Poisons, 11th in Crime Busters

    7th Graders:                                                                                                                                    

    Harry C: 2nd in Hovercraft, 11th in Solar Systems                                                                                     

    Hayden B: 6th in Optics, 8th in Thermodynamics, 11th in Solar Systems                                               

    Anastasia B: Alternate

    6th Graders:

    Bella H: 1st in Battery Buggy, 2nd in Meteorology                                                                             

    Oliver S: 1st in Write it Do it, 3rd in Experimental Design, 4th in Road Scholar                                                  

    Izzy R: 1st in Write it Do it, 3rd in Experimental Design                                                                         

    YiAn T: 4th in Disease Detectives                                                                                                                   

    Jaya S: Participated in Roller Coaster                                                                                                                

    Drew M: Alternate                                                                                                                                          

    Jackie H: Alternate                                                                                                                                       

    Jaliyn H: Alternate

    Congratulations to the members of the BMS TSA Chapter who attended 2018 Tennessee TSA State Leadership Conference!
    As a chapter we have 9 First Place State Champions!!!
    4 Second Place.
    3 Third Place
    Coding - Max H and Logan W - First Place
    Chapter Team - Maddie B, Sophie B, Max H, Chelsea R, Sara B, and Rachel H - First Place
    Chapter Team Written - First Place - Sara B
    Structural Engineering - Sara B and Lauren C - First Place
    Challenging Technology Issues - Chelsea R and Ayaz S - First Place
    Digital Photography - Anne E - First Place
    Tech Bowl Written - Max H - First Place
    Dragster - Alden W - First Place
    Leadership Strategies - Maddie B, Sophie B, and Sara B - First Place
    Dragster - Hudson H - Second Place
    Prepared Speech - Chelsea R - Second Place
    Tech Bowl - Max H, Ayaz S, and Hudson H - Second Place
    Chapter Team Written - Second Place - Maddie B
    Career Prep - Sophie B - Third Place
    Chapter Team Written - Third Place - Chelsea R
    Video Game Design - Max C, Ben D, Connor S, and Logan W - Third Place
    The chapter will now start preparing for the 2018 National TSA Conference in Atlanta this June!
    Congratulations to BMS students/former students for having their art work displayed in our school's main office!
    The pictured students from left to right are Yamary G., Marley T., and Aniyah McDonald. They are standing close to their art with the 2 in the middle belonging to Marley. Their work was displayed at Dogwood Festival's "Synergy: Student Art Exhibition" March 7-23, 2018: Knoxville’s next generation of artists is on display, featuring the work of gifted art students from area schools at Clayton Center for the Arts.