o   We placed student in classes by (1) Teacher recommendation (2) TCAP scores & (3) work habits.
    o   The goal of a placement is to place the student in a class where he/she will be academically
         challenged, yet not overwhelmed.
    o   Parents who partially agree w/ the placement and need to have a discussion w/ a Principal should contact: (6th grade - Winstead), (7th          Grade - Bailey) or (8th grade - Phillips).
    1.  Partial agreement will result in a conversation between the principal and parent. Many times both the principal and parent will agree upon student placement after reviewing data. However, when in disagreement, the Principal will have final say in the placement decision. Parents may appeal the decision in writing to the KCS Secondary Supervisor, Mr. Danny Trent. 
    2. When the school is unsure of the best placement for a student and the parent want to change the recommendation, a parent may complete an Academic Release Form (available from the grade level Principal). This form needs to be returned to the school either electronically or in hard copy format before the class change is made.
    Electives/Related Arts:
    •  All students will participate in several elective classes each year (Foreign Language, Computer, STEM, PE, Health, and a Fine art (art, band, chorus, or general music).  
    • Students who qualify for intervention (Tier II & III) will also be placed in math and/or reading academic support classes. Students qualify for these interventions and can not be removed from the classes per TNDOE).
    o   Homeroom begins at 8:00 a.m. Student attendance is taken at 8:30 a.m. First period begins at 8:30 a.m. Student not in the classroom at 8:30 a.m. are counted as tardy. Three unexcused tardies in a class will result in an electronic record and write up to the office. 
    o   Six periods in the school day (math, science, language arts, SS, and four related elective classes.
    o   Elective classes rotate  every other day all year (we call this red/blue days).
    o   6th grade students are supervised during transition times, to and from lunch, and before the start of
         school day.
    o   Clubs, announcements, & activities are announced daily and placed on website. Students are
         responsible for listening and making notes.
    o   Report Cards are sent home each semester. Progress reports are sent home each 4 ½ weeks.
         Grades are available on parent portal within 24 hours of teacher input into the system.
    o   Honors courses in math, science, social studies (Individuals and Societies), and language arts 6-8th grade.
    o   All students will be learning the following during the year.
    1. How to take notes using the Cornell Note Taking Strategy. (Research-based) 
    2. How to annotate text and read for understanding. 
    3. Show their work and explain their findings using textual evidence. 
    4. Organize w/ a 3-4”binder. Graded on binder information. 
    5. Learn to formulate level 1, 2, and 3 questions and use inquiry during learning. 
    6.  Defend their decisions and thinking based on fact, evidence, and knowledge. 
    7.  Required to research and present orally the finding of their research.
    8.  Site sources accurately in their research papers.
    o   Bearden Middle School has been accepted as a Candidate School with the International Baccalaureate Program to
         begin the process of becoming an IB Middle Years World School.
    o   New Mission and Vision Statement Developed and voted on by the students.
    o   Updated publications, website, and logos.
    Please begin visiting the website at: http://beardenms.knoxschools.org