2013-2014 Data
    Gresham Middle School is ranked first in Knox County for growing students (TVAAS scores) for the second year in a row.  Also, Gresham is ranked first in the county for a three year average for TVAAS scores.  Gresham received the best grades for Knox County middle schools on the state report card.  We are ranked in the top 3% in the state for growth and achievement for schools that take TCAPs.
    2014 One Year Compostie
     Three Year Composite
    2014 Report Card  
    2014-2015 Goals:
    To academically grow all our students and close achievement gaps through the leveraging of differentiated practices to ensure maximum growth for each child.  We will focus on improving reading skills and math skills.

     2012-2013 Data

    2012-2013 Achievements:

    "Best Middle School in Knox County"
     2013 KCS Ranking

    "Ranked among the top elementary and middle schools in the state!"

    2013 Report Card  

    "Gresham gets straight A's!!!"

    2013 Percentile