Bearden High School: A History
    Bearden High School was founded in 1939. The name originates from Marcus De LaFayette Bearden who served for the Union Army in the Civil War. Originally, Bearden School served grades 1-12 and was located in the building that is now Bearden Elementary School.  Later, the school split, and the secondary grades were moved to the location that is now Bearden Middle School.  The current building opened in 1969 as a senior high, and it became a high school in 1980 when 9th grade was added.  The current building underwent extensive renovations in 1998 to accommodate a growing population.  Today, Bearden High School is home to students in grade 9-12 who live in west Knoxville.  Feeder schools include West Valley Middle School, Bearden Middle School, and Cedar Bluff Middle School.
    Bearden High School: Traditions 
    The Pit 
    The Pit is located in the East Mall.  The Pit is a hangout for seniors between classes.  The Pit has undergone many renovations since its beginnings at Bearden High School.  Originally, the pit was carpeted.  Later, the carpet was removed to expose tiles.  In the summer of 2010, a large "B" was added to the floor of The Pit.  During the 2012-2013 school year, the Class of 2013 painted a mural around the edges of The Pit ceiling.  Most recently, the Class of 2014 painted ceiling tiles with the names of classmates as a class fundraiser. 
    The Rock
    The Rock is located behind the school's gym.  The rock is painted on an almost daily basis to commemorate occasions, advertise events, and celebrate the students of Bearden High School. 
    The Student Section: Football
    Bearden High School students have long had an impressive student section for both home and away games.  The student section is expansive and often spills into other areas of the bleachers.  It has become a right of passage for each graduating class to move to the front of the student section. Recently, in 2013, the student section was painted to designate the expanse of the student section.  There are three colors:  maroon for seniors; gray for juniors; black for underclassmen.