• Special Programs

    We are so fortunate to have many special activities at Karns Elementary. Listed below are some programs that we have available at our school. We also have in the menu items after school activities.  Some of these activities are free for students and some have a cost associated with them. Information regarding these events will be available at the beginning of school. You may contact the school office for more info regarding the after school offerings.
    Accelerated Reader:
    AR is a year-long program that encourages students to read. Students check out books from the libraries to read, then take a computerized quiz. Incentives are given for reading goals achievement. Our school works on a school-wide AR points goal each year.   Families may sign up for email notification regarding students’ participation in quizzes and progress towards reading goals. Look for the "Home Connect" info regarding Renaissance Learning for your child's specific log-in. 
    Math Facts in a Flash:  Students who participate in this on-line program at school can also connect through the Renaissance Learning Home Connect log-in to practice math facts.   
    CARE:   This is a phonemic awareness program that is used system wide in kindergarten through second grade. It has been re-worked to coordinate with our new Reading Street reading curriculum.

    Character Counts: This is a program where we teach students about the six pillars of good character:  responsibility, respect, caring, fairness, trustworthiness, and citizenship.  Each six weeks we recognize students who best exhibit the characteristics of the focus pillar of character.

    ELL, English Language Learners: This program provides assistance for students who are learning English as a second language.

    River Ridge Environmental Camp: Fifth graders are given the opportunity to be part of this environmental education camp in the fall.

    Safety Patrol:
    Our fifth graders help maintain safety throughout the building during arrival and dismissal times. Students are selected by their teachers based on their behavior and grades. Students have the opportunity to attend a special trip to Washington D.C. at the beginning of the summer.

    Ticket to Read:
    This program is accessible to all students. Log -in information has been sent home. Please contact your child's teacher if you do not have the log in information. Ticket to Read® is a self-paced, student-centered online reading program that provides dynamic skills practice and improved reading performance. A motivating and fun reward system keeps students on task to learn critical word attack skills and phonics skills development.