• Absence or medical notes need to be turned in to Student Services.  

      Knox County policy states that a student may not miss more than ten(10) days per school year.  A note must be submitted to Student Services no later than five (5) days after student returns to school.  Absences are considered unexcused until the following is provided to Student Services

      1.  Note or phone call from parent/guardian stating illness. (Limit 10)
      2.  Medical documentation
      3.  Note from Court
      4.  Letter stating death in family
      5.  Verifiable family emergency

      Examples of unexcused absences are 
      (a) no contact by parent/guardian
      (b) family vacations taken during the school year
      (c) Senior Skip Day

      Juvenile Judge Tim Erwin issued a court order that states as follows:

      1.  Five (5) unexcused absences - Parent will receive a letter from the Superintendent's Office
      2.  Ten (10) unexcused absences - Parent name and student name will be forwarded to the Knox County Juvenile Court.  At that time, you may receive a letter from the District Attorney's Office inviting parent and student to a meeting at West High School.

    • Late or returning arrivals are to check-in at the First Floor Office.  Parents must check-out students for early dismissal in the First Floor Office or follow the procedures listed below.

      Early Dismissals Procedures:
      Students must have an Early Dismissal Note turned in to the First Floor Office No later than 8:30 a.m. After 8:30, student must see a Principal for approval.

      All parent notes must include the following:
      • Name (first and last)
      • Student ID #
      • Date and time of departure
      • Contact Phone Number for verification
      • Parent Signature

              After Early Dismissals have been verified, the student needs to check in the First Floor Office to pick up their Early Dismissal Slip. No student is allowed              to leave campus without a fully processed early dismissal.

    Student Services 
    • Phone: 865-671-7126  
    • Fax: 865-671-7127   
    First Floor Office 
    • Phone: 865-966-9775