• Principals
    Current Principal, Michelle Wolfenbarger
    Former Principal, James Prince
    Hello Adrian Burnett Family!  We want to welcome you and your student to the community and let you know that we are excited about working together this year. You can find a lot of our information on this website, but please let us know if you have questions about anything at any time throughout the school year.  

    Our Mission

    Adrian Burnett is a safe place where we learn every day how to succeed and be the best we can be!

    Our Vision

    Adrian Burnett Elementary School is an exemplary learning center where stakeholders collaborate regularly using research-based data and resources to provide instruction and opportunities to ensure students succeed.

    Our Beliefs

    • Learning is a lifelong process.
    • All students can learn at high levels.
    • The school should provide an environment that is nurturing, positive, safe, and student-centered.
    • The success of the student's education is dependent on the child, his/her family, community, and the school staff collaboratively working together.
    • Students learn best when research-based teaching strategies and assessments are differentiated, challenging, and rigorous.
    • There is an undeniable link between academic progress and attendance.


    At Adrian Burnett Elementary, we have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for

    School Safety 
    Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is our school-wide program led by Behavior Interventionist, Carla Kirkpatrick, to show our high expectations for behavior.  We need ALL of our students to do their very best each day to behave in an appropriate way so that they can learn and be successful!  So, staff will be rewarding students with points every day for meeting school expectations.  
    We reward students for meeting expectations in all areas of the school.  The 2019-2020 school year will be our second year of full schoolwide implementation.  Students will have multiple opportunities every day to earn Burnett Bucks for making good choices.  There will be class rewards as well as school rewards for meeting expectations in these areas.
    Information about PBIS at Adrian Burnett Elementary: 
    Here are our school goal for the 2019-2020 school year: 
    1. Improve achievement in reading and earn a growth score of at least 4.
    (Special focus on SPED and ELL subgroups)
    2. Improve achievement in math and earn a growth score of 5.
    (Special focus on SPED and ELL subgroups)
    3. Encourage safe and healthy students with our attendance goal of decreasing chronic absenteeism to 10%.